High Tech

Stamped metal components from Brunk can be found in some of the most technologically advanced industries in the world. Brunk has been providing stamped components and complex sub-assemblies for the semiconductor and telecommunications industries since 1995.

Laser Welded Assemblies

Brunk has been supplying the world leading OEM Chip manufacturers Carriers, Spring Carriers and Mag Carriers since 1995. Multiple piece stamped components are staged via in house precision manufactured assembly fixtures, then welded in our state-of-the-art component assembly laser welding center. These components are used in manufacturing and assembly of tomorrows technology including cell phones, laptops, and computers.


Critical to function in today’s CPU’s – Brunk has been awarded the responsibility for supplying both IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) and Captive Clips for the worlds leading OEM’s of CPU’s. Repeatable and reliable stamped components permit our customers the ability to automate their assembly process.

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