Quality and Metrology

Uncompromising Quality

Quality is a driving force within our organization. We have implemented and refined quality systems to provide structure to every phase of manufacturing, from initial quotations to the final shipment of product to our customers.  Our quality systems include:

  • 4 – Quality labs throughout the plant
  • 3 – CMM’s, 4 – OGP Flash 500’s, 4 – OGP 302’s, 1 – OGP Quest 450 and 2 – OGP 250’s
  • Staffing dedicated to component development, in-process inspection, and final inspection and documentation
  • SPC on the shop floor and smart work stations are utilized in production areas to allow the operator to collect real time data using QC-Gage

Quality Systems

Brunk uses a comprehensive enterprise quality management software package (IQS) to unify and accommodate all facets of our quality process. IQS provides all Brunk employees access to every element of the quality management system. Procedures, process data and records are all accessible, allowing for instant retrieval of information at the point of use.  This provides excellence in quality that is unmatched.

Quality Certifications

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