Tool Design Process

Tool Design excellence is a culture at Brunk since 1960. We apply a totally integrated tool design process that flows through all aspects of tool engineering, building, and stamping through assembly. The quality of our finished stamping begins with a collaboration with our customers.  This process includes an overview of the manufacturing process, to ensure an ultimate performing tool. Our sophisticated tooling designed by cross-functional teams deliver unmatched precision, efficiency and economical production.  Our advanced tool design process combines versatility, longevity, accuracy and reliability, while conforming to exact customer specifications. At Brunk we utilize technical based solutions software including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and FEA.

Finite Element Analysis – FEA

At Brunk our designs and concepts have offered many of our customers a competitive alternative to traditional technologies such as machining, die casting or MIM.  Our design approach which utilizes FEA, combined with advanced press technology, provides the capability to produce precision stampings with complex geometry that exceeds industry standards.

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