Medical Devices

Brunk has been manufacturing high quality complex medical devices for over 30 years. At Brunk we have the experience and knowledge in developing, providing proof of concept, and manufacturing a variety of precision components and sub-assemblies.

Surgical Staplers

Brunk has been supplying the world leading OEM Medical Device suppliers with Surgical Staplers. These precision surgical devices include stamped, machined, welded and sub assembly of components for Laparoscopic, Open, Endo, and Circular Staplers.


Brunks stamping capabilities combined with our sub-assembly and world class laser welding have resulted in manufacturing some of the most challenging components including implantable devices. Included in these devices are Pacemakers, Defibrillators, Neurostimulator, Drug Infusion Pumps, Stents, Heart Valve Repair, and Mitra clip Valve Repair.

Surgical Instruments

Leading OEM Med-Device suppliers rely on Brunk for our capabilities to create challenging stamped components to meet the challenges of Clip Appliers, Suturing Devices, Hernia Repairs, Trocars, Spring Clips, Hemoclips, and Prostrate BPH. These devices include precision stamped and machined components and completed sub-assemblies ship to suppliers for final assembly. Many of our stamped components can replace machined components while providing the cost model of production components.


Today’s latest surgical devices include many powered and energy components. Brunk supplies Battery Contacts, Antennas, Contact Springs, and Electrical Contacts for these devices.

IV Catheters

For the IV Catheter marketplace Brunk supplies high volume Funnels and Wedges, these components are used for secured connections and flow control.

Electrosurgery Equipment

Brunk supplies extensive array of electrosurgical handpieces and accessories — including Probes, Hook tips, and Trigger Contacts designed for optimal performance in an integrated, state-of-the-art electrosurgery system.

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