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The story of Brunk is the quintessential story of the American dream.  It started when two Swedish immigrants began an amazing life journey and a remarkable partnership.  Ulla Brunk grew up in Spanga Sweden and worked in a bank from a young age.  Bertil Brunk came from Ljusdal Sweden and  was the son of an auto mechanic.   Bertil was fascinated with manufacturing the moment he saw his first milling machine during an apprenticeship at Electrolux.

The Swedish immigrants took on America with a work ethic that served them well.  Brunk Tool and Die Company started in 1960 in the family’s Lake Geneva garage.  As the jobs continued to trickle in, Bertil’s reputation as a tremendous tool and die maker, and designer, began to grow.   Bertil’s ability to craft dies that no one else could build drew business from Fortune 500 companies.

Honesty, hard work, refusing to accept anything less than excellence, and an attitude of striving for perfection, became the foundation that Bertil and Ulla used to make Brunk what it is today.

When Lars Brunk took over the day-to-day operations of the company, he continued to maintain its commitment to quality products, while producing ground-breaking improvements to Brunk’s tools and dies. With his two sons being involved in the business today, the Brunk family’s legacy of superior craftsmanship and dedication to providing a customer-first experience will continue for years to come.

Bertil Brunk in the original Brunk workshop.


The Brunk Tool and Die Company’s first location.

Company founders Bertil and Ulla Brunk honored with the Swedish Order of the Polar Star.

Company Co-Founder Bertil Brunk

Company History


1960 - Bertil and Ulla Brunk founded the Brunk Tool & Die Company, building tools in the garage of the family house in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
1963 - The company is incorporated and moves into a 24'x40' building at 1225 Sage Street, Lake Geneva.
1963 - The company enters into the electronics and business machines market.


1970 - The Brunk Tool & Die Company invests in the first punch press and begins stamping components for its tool and die customers.
1978 - The company begins high volume manufacturing for the business machine market.


1980 - The company changes its name to Brunk Industries Inc.
1984 - Brunk enters into the recreational market.
1985 - The company expands its services to include sub-assembly operations.
1986 - Brunk enters the defense market.
1988 - The company begins manufacturing for the medical devices market.


1991 - The company enters the industrial market.
1992 - Brunk Industries is recognized as an industry leader for electronic in-die sensoring.
1995 - The company enters the telecommunications market.
1996 - Brunk Industries is awarded "Entrepreneur of the Year".
1998 - The company achieves QS 9000 and ISO 9001 quality certifications.


2000 - Brunk Industries obtains quality certification TS-16949.
2004 - The company develops rapid prototyping capabilities.


2010 - Brunk Industries celebrates the company's 50th anniversary.
2011 - The Lake Geneva, WI headquarters is expanded from 60'000 to 80,000 sq. ft.
2013 - The company achieves quality certification ISO 13485.

2015 and Beyond

2015 - Brunk Industries begins in house vertical integration of manufacturing capabilities including production, machining, Swiss laser manufacturing, passivation, electro-polishing and teflon coating.
2016 - The company begins work on Plant Two, a 60,000 sq. ft. building expansion at 412 E Sheridan Springs Road, Lake Geneva.

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