Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing

Our Environmental Sustainability Policy

Brunk’s commitment to its environmental responsibility includes initiatives to reduce energy consumption, control the disposal of chemicals, compounds and solvents, minimize waste, and work to make our facilities more environmentally responsible. Brunk is a heavy manufacturer that requires significant energy resources to support our factory operations. We have a commitment to work with our energy partners to maximize our use of green energy, and conserve the use of purchased energy. Brunk’s efforts to support its Green Strategy include efforts to reduce operating costs, implement lean initiatives and add value to production processes. These efforts affect manufacturing processes, administrative processes and physical plant systems. In addition to minimizing its environmental footprint, Brunk also considers as part of its sustainability programs the requirements to provide a safe workplace for its employees, be good corporate citizens by engaging in ethical business practices, and through treating its employees with respect and dignity.

Manufacturing Processes

Brunk’s manufacturing processes are designed to foster sustainable production methods through initiatives including:

  • Material waste reduction
  • The use of process water regulators
  • State of the art multi-faceted advanced manufacturing processes
  • Machine time efficiency efforts including motor usage efficiency
  • Use of E-Based (paperless) shipping and documentation systems
  • The use of machines and equipment that consume fewer resources and produce more sustainable products

Administrative Processes

Brunk places equal emphasis on administrative process and has engaged in sustainability initiatives that are designed to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment.
These initiatives include:

  • Green administrative controls like quick-time MSDS access
  • Environmentally friendly use and reuse/recycling of fluids
  • Use of organics versus synthetics, chip segregation and recycling efforts
  • Reusable (opposed to single use) shipping and packaging materials
  • Laptop battery disposal
  • Biodegradable gloves and other policies that reduce our carbon footprint

Facilities Systems

Brunk recognizes the importance of minimizing its impact on our environment resulting from its facilities. Brunk has engaged in sustainability projects designed to lessen the impact on our environment which include:

  • The use of high-efficiency and low amperage HVAC systems
  • Reduction or elimination of freon
  • Recycling of office paper and employee bottles/cans
  • Use of fume scrubbers
  • Upgraded wall, flow and ceiling insulation
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Automatic light switch sensors
  • Development of a baseline for energy and water usage

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