Passionate about what we do

Founded in 1960, Brunk has continuously grown as a leader in the metal forming industry. However it’s the passion and commitment of our people that makes Brunk excel. With billions of components delivered to the markets we serve, we take pride in producing some of the most complex parts in the world.

At Brunk we cherish our customers. We are moved and driven by the challenges we face developing products that improve people’s lives through innovation, and are extremely passionate about the level of excellence in all we do. We understand the importance of how we contribute to your products, the need for revolutionary solutions, and the responsibility we carry to be unconditionally reliable – not just a supplier but as a partner, a true extension of your company. At Brunk, we foster a culture that listens carefully to your needs, structuring our goals and objectives around yours. Bring us your most challenging projects and together we will collaborate and create solutions like no other.

Lars Brunk – Interview with MetalForming Magazine.

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